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Low Prep…Big Payoff!

HighPoint is designed for people exactly like you, people who have big dreams for their children’s ministry but limited resources.

• Short on time? No problem. In most cases your volunteers will need only 10 minutes of prep time.

• Short-staffed? HighPoint has you covered. Two people can lead HighPoint sessions for a small group.

• Have trouble recruiting volunteers? HighPoint’s 5-week sessions mean no long-term commitments.

HighPoint Roles

With HighPoint, there’s something for everyone! Check out these role possibilities for your volunteers.

"We had a good-sized group of kids, so we had four Connecting Flights going every week. That meant I prepared my activity and then repeated it for four weeks. I would definitely do it again!"

Judy, Connecting Flight

"I would be scared half to death to teach a Bible lesson in front of a big group of kids. But I love being a Tour Guide…getting to know kids individually, and helping them see how much God loves them."

Jill, Tour Guide

Would you believe everything you need to start your HighPoint journey packs into a fun little box? See what’s inside
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