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In Confidence, kids discover that God gives them boldness to face all kinds of challenges. True confidence comes from faith in God, not their own abilities or talents. When they trust in God, kids can have confidence in every situation.

HighPoint teaches biblical
character traits that will serve
kids their entire lifetime.

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What's the Point?
I can do everything God wants me to do!

Life Verse
I can do everything through him who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13, NIV)

Bible Character
Gideon and others

Welcome travelers! We’re off to Germany, home of bratwurst and cuckoo clocks.

Crazy Character
Meet Timothea Id, a college student whose timidity is hindering her career and her life. Hoping to teach Timothea some confidence, her dad has sent her to study clockmaking with her great uncle, a master clocksmith. In Germany, Timothea will discover a few things about confidence
Your Sessions

How can I build confidence?
Ehud’s Bold Plan
Judges 3:12–30

What if I don’t have confidence?
Barak Needs Help to Be Bold
Judges 4:1–24; 5:1,2,19–22

How do my choices show my confidence?
Gideon Needs Boldness
Judges 6:1–40

How can I have confidence when things don’t make sense?
Gideon’s Bold Battle
Judges 7:1–22; 8:28

Can I develop more confidence?
Jephthah’s Source of Boldness
Judges 10:6–29,32,33; 12:7

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