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In Hope, kids discover the importance of holding onto hope, no matter what disappointments they face in life. Jesus Christ is the source of true hope.

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What's the Point?
Jesus gives me hope!

Life Verse
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16, NIV)

Bible Character
Jesus (His death and resurrection)

Welcome travelers! We’re off to New York City, the Big Apple.

Crazy Character
Meet Terry F. Heights. He is training to be a window washer. Just one problem: he’s afraid of heights. He hopes not only to overcome his phobia, but also one day to wash the windows of one of the greatest skyscrapers in the world—the Empire State Building. By the end of our trip, Terry will have learned a few lessons about hope.
Your Sessions

What is hope?
Jesus’ Grand Entrance
Matthew 21:8–11; Mark 11:9; Luke 19:29–37

What if my hope doesn’t match God’s plans?
Jesus’ Last Supper
Matthew 26:14–16,20–30; Luke 22:1–6,14–30; John 13:21–34

What happens when I lose hope?
Jesus’ Dark Night
Matthew 26:36–56; John 18:1–11

Can I have hope when others disappoint me?
Jesus’ Last Words
Matthew 26:57–67; 27:1,2,11–54; Luke 23:1–49,32–46

What is the greatest thing I can hope for?
Jesus’ Grand Return
Matthew 27:57–66; 28:1–10; John 14:1–4; 20:1–18; Acts 1:9–11

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