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In Joy, your kids discover that true joy comes from personal relationship with God. Even when life is tough and brings challenges, God gives joy deep down inside that not only helps kids face hard days but also touches others’ lives.

HighPoint teaches biblical
character traits that will serve
kids their entire lifetime.

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What's the Point?
I can be joyful all the time and so can you!

Life Verse
Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! (Philippians4:4, NIV)

Bible Character
Creation, David, Paul and Silas, and others

Welcome travelers! We’re heading to Jamaica, carefree island of beaches and bays where it seems easy to be happy.

Crazy Character
Meet Mr. Rich Dollarsworth III, an incredibly wealthy man who can’t find joy in life despite being able to buy anything he wants. In Jamaica, he begins to realize that joy cannot be purchased. By the end of our trip, Rich will discover the Source of true joy.
Your Sessions

Where does joy come from?
God Rejoices,
Genesis 1

Is joy something others can see?
David Dances,
2 Samuel 6

Can I help others have joy?
A Woman Shares Her Joy,
John 4

Can I have joy when things don’t go my way?
Joy in Jail,
Acts 16

Can joy last forever?
Everlasting Joy,
Luke 24

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