Character Trait

Overcoming Disappointment

In Overcoming Disappointment, your kids discover how to trust God and choose to do right when they feel disappointed. The patience and persistence they learn through disappointing times will also help them during rewarding times.

HighPoint teaches biblical
character traits that will serve
kids their entire lifetime.

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What's the Point?
When I feel disappointed, I will trust in God!

Life Verse
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7, NIV)

Bible Focus
Joseph and his brothers

Welcome travelers! Join us on a journey to Alaska’s Denali National Park where we’ll discover just how challenging climbing a mountain can be as we watch our crazy character attempt Mt. McKinley.

Crazy Character
Meet our would-be mountain climber, Miles High. If you’ve ever been disappointed, then you’ll understand exactly how Miles feels. This is his third attempt to climb Mt. McKinley, and he’s beginning to think he’ll never succeed. By the end of the journey, Miles will discover some important keys to overcoming disappointment.
Your Sessions

What makes me feel disappointed?
Joseph’s Bad Day,
Genesis 37

What should I do when I’m treated unfairly?
Joseph’s Bad Boss,
Genesis 39

What should I do when I want to give up?
Joseph’s Long Wait,
Genesis 40

How can disappointment make me better?
Joseph’s Great Day,
Genesis 41

Is it ever okay to get even?
Joseph’s Dreams Come True,
Genesis 42–45

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