Character Trait

Truth & Consequences

In Truth & Consequences, your kids discover that the consequences of lying and telling the truth affect both us and others. Ultimately, it’s our choice whether to dishonor God by lying or honor Him with honesty.

HighPoint teaches biblical
character traits that will serve
kids their entire lifetime.

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What's the Point?
I will tell the truth because I want to honor God!

Life Verse
Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self. (Colossians3:9–10, NIV)

Bible Focus
Jacob and his family

Welcome travelers! We’re heading to Russia, the largest country in the world.

Crazy Character
Meet Shamus Snitch, a superspy who never gets his man. In an espionage world where it’s hard to know what’s true or false, Shamus can’t even remember his real name, much less his mission directive! But by the end of our trip, Shamus will have discovered there are some things you can always trust to be true.
Your Sessions

What is truth?
The Servant Tells the Truth,
Genesis 24

What happens when I lie?
Jacob Tells Many Lies,
Genesis 25, 27, & 38

Who always tells the truth?
God Keeps His Promises,
Genesis 28

What if others have lied to me?
Jacob Gets Tricked,
Genesis 29

How can I make truth a habit?
Jacob Gets Out,
Genesis 30 & 31

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