Why Does HighPoint Focus on Character?

Some children’s ministry experts question the implications of focusing primarily on character education as opposed to knowing God. HighPoint puts those concerns to rest with its two-fold discipleship philosophy that begins with the premise that godly character grows out of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.Then HighPoint helps children apply the Bible’s teaching to their lives in tangible ways.

HighPoint takes what would otherwise be merely good character education and invites God’s life-changing power to work in children’s hearts, making them more like Him in every way.

Children discover that Christian character growth does not result from their own efforts but through their relationship with God. It is essential to note that each theme presents the gospel message. In addition, ample opportunity is given for God to work in children’s hearts through HighPoint’s interactive Bible stories and small group times, which include discussion and prayer.

HighPoint’s emphasis on character growth is a proven method of drawing whole families into a saving relationship with Christ.

What parent doesn’t want their child to become a moral person? As the child experiences HighPoint’s God-focused sessions, it becomes clear that the only way to a moral character is through an ongoing personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Parents witness the gospel at work in their children’s lives.

While HighPoint uses short, five-week-long themes to address specific topics, discipleship is an ongoing process.

God may continue to deal with children about a particular area in their lives long after the theme is completed. As you watch your children allow God to work in their lives through each HighPoint theme, keep your heart open to what God may want to do in a child’s life, apart from the theme’s emphasis. After all, HighPoint is simply a tool.