Session Overview

Here's What a HighPoint
Session Looks Like:

Check In
Kids check in and head off for the main large group session.
Take Off
Every kid gets a window seat when the HighPoint plane takes off for character trait-centered destinations. Things like high-energy songs, media, visits from a crazy character, and object lessons all introduce kids to the session’s Point. Kids also enjoy theHighPoint Challenge—a game-show style review of what they’ve already learned.

Kids will hear “What’s the Point!” throughout the session so they remember the main Point about the character trait. Who’s in charge? Pilot, assisted by Crazy Character
Hub Time
Small group discussions and hands-on activities help kids experience the truth in their own lives. Led by an adult Tour Guide, the small group creates the good friends and warm relationships that keep kids wanting to come back week after week.

Who’s in charge? Tour Guides, leading groups of 5-8 kids.
Connecting Flights
Four or more sites provide hands-on fun to reinforce "What’s the Point!"—things like games, drama, crafts, snacks, and other fun activities. If you’ve got other kids programs going on…play rehearsal, Bible Quiz, choir, girls groups, boys groups…no problem! Just offer those programs as a Connecting Flight. Can you believe how easy that is?!

Who’s in charge? Connecting Flight Coordinators.
In most sessions, “What’s the Point!” is reinforced with a Bible story that wraps up the session. But no spectators here! Kids are a part of the story, usually told from a unique perspective or style. When the HighPoint plane touches down, don’t be surprised if you see kids disappointed that HighPoint is over. It’s just like a vacation…you don’t want it to end!

Who’s in charge? Pilot.
Baggage Claim

As kids “de-board” they make a quick stop to collect their belongings. Anything you want to send home will be kept safely at Baggage Claim—and won’t be a distraction during Landing. Low prep, big payoff.

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