What's in a Kit

Leading HighPoint is easy with the resources in your kit. There’s enough to get started for a small group. Just add Passports and Travel Journals for larger groups.

Session Guide with CD-ROM
Follow this easy-to-lead guide for five unforgettable gatherings. Fully reproducible, you’ll just copy pages for others as your team grows. Rather print them? Just slip the CD-Rom into your computer.

Countdowns, Takeoff and Landing clips, HighPoint Challenge quiz questions, and more make a visual impact on the kids-whether you’ve got a tv or big screen.

HighPoint area is a snap with the Poster pack-
• Theme poster makes a great door decoration or advertisement of an upcoming theme.
• Life Verse poster lets everyone review in the large group or Connecting Flights area.
• Four extra posters let you label them for Connecting Flights, Check in, Baggage Claim, or whatever you want.
(6 Posters in set)

Fun For Kids

Here are just a few of the ready-to-print options on the CD-Rom-
• Boarding Passes-keep parents involved with these simple send homes. They summarize the session,
challenge kids to read the Bible, and encourage parents to catch their kids living the character trait.
• Invitations-Mail them out to kick off a new theme or to help kids invite their friends.
• Certificates-Recognize kids with colorful keepsakes of their travels. Hand them out during the last
session or invite parents for a special time together. Just remember, HighPoint isn’t meant to be about
perfect attendance and record keeping, so recognize everyone who participates.

(16 Postcards included)

Travel Journal
Kids told us they didn’t want HighPoint to feel like school, so the Travel Journals make the most of fun Connecting Flight activities. Just get one per kid per unit.
(8 Travel Journals included)

Passports and Stickers
Every dream trip starts with a Passport! Kids love to collect stickers along their journey, but what the stickers stand for is up to you-
• inviting a guest,
• saying the Life Verse,
• bringing back their Boarding Passes, or
• just showing up.
(8 Passports and 100 Stickers included)

You know your kids better than we do, which is why we have so many topics to choose from. Browse HighPoint themes.